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This song is by Tuxedomoon and appears on the album Desire (1981).

On your free day
All your friends have gone
To find a change of pace again
Leaving you alone

To talk to your own face again
So what else is new?
There's nothing new to say
Nothing new to do

But you're still breathing
Just like always you can't manage
To spend any time alone
So you fuck someone

You don't really want to see
But they'll understand
They'll just let you be
The hollow man you are

If you want to break

On the freeway
You are being driven
To another place and as usual
About half way there you don't want to go

Anywhere anymore
Oh no, no, no, no
Just want to go home

So what else is new
Nothing could be better than oblivion
On your free day

Can I have it now
Need to have it now
Let me have it now

On this free day
On this free day
On this free day

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