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Βένετοι! - Πράσινοι! (Venetoi! - Prasinoi!)

This song is by Turisas and appears on the album Stand Up And Fight (2011).

The Greek title of this song is "Βένετοι! - Πράσινοι!". This is read as "Venetoi! - Prasinoi!" and means "Blues! - Greens!".
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Ladies and Gentlemen! The main event of today:
On chariots of fire,
The Greens! The Blues!
Open the gates!

Dust fills the air, stallions cry under the whip
Cars come crashing in the turn
Dragged by the reins around the track, oh poor man
Thundering hooves to seal his fate

βένετοι! - Πράσινοι!
The partisans drive
βένετοι! - Πράσινοι!
The crowd cheering wild


  • The Greens and Blues were rival chariot-racing teams in Constantinople whose followers were violently antagonistic, just like modern hardcore sports fans. A contested victory could result in city-wide rioting!


Written by:

Mathias Nygård

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