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On My Side

This song is by Turboweekend and appears on the album Fault Lines (2012).

I had a dream, I was fighting in a war
The enemy was marching on the shore

The night was thick and the sea was rough
The guns I had weren't big enough

But you were on my side, one my side
You were on my side, on my side

Crawling in the trenches with a broken wing
Shooting cannons at the sky for a hollow king
And I can still hear the bullets sing

Anything you're planning, you can count me in,
Day or night, I'll do anything

I was shaking like a wet dog when I woke up
It took awhile for my aching body to sober
The war was over and it never took place
But can you tell me now to my face

Are you on my side, on my side?
Are you on my side, on my side?

Anywhere you're going,
Any place at all,
Let me know the number,
Let me make the call

I'd run this off the wall

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