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Venus Diablo

This song is by Tura Satana and appears on the album Relief Through Release (1997).

Cross your heart
Hope to die stick a needle in your eye...
His heart is bleed inside her hand her sugar kisses are twisted she puts his finger into her mouth and teaches
Him to be wicked he's made of heaven and angels wings these things she cannot forget but when you want
Something bad enough what will you do? what will you do to get it now...
I'm gonna take you down how low can you go I know you're going down now you're going down low I'm gonna take
You down how low will you go... VENUS DIABLO
Scars and wound and burns are what you'll have but I will kiss your bruises, I will pick your scabs
This is a sinners prayer, sick sucking on air and I will never get to heaven... neither will you because you
Are one of me

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