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This song is by Tura Satana and appears on the album Relief Through Release (1997).

Her mouth is sweet, her tongue is sugar coated but I can see those rotten teeth she thought I wouldn't notice
I waste my time and read her mind but I'm not kind, I'm honest my mouth is cruel and deep inside... she doesn't
Want it she keeps it hidden underneath her clean complexion I kiss her lips and she fills me with her infection
Eyes of a snake she loves to take with no one there to witness she scars me red, fucks with my head can't let
Her spread her sickness
I am the PRETTY HATE that makes you sick inside your world I am the scar that will not heal that's passed from
Girl to girl I am that little bitch you FEAR because I'M NOT AFRAID I'm everything that's REAL while you know
That you're just a FAKE!
She wears her mask and I don't ask about her past I smile and all the time she struggles for control while in
Denial identity crisis will keep her looking innocent self righteousness can't hide her dirty, deceiving intent
She's lost inside herself so pretty in her little mirror but I can see her ugliness and it's becoming clearer
Blood and guts I'm drowning in my enemy and I can't breath, I can't breath, no I can't...
Half chorus repeated I am that little bitch that will not fall into your TRAPS... and this is a RELAPSE
Wicked words tangled webs I can't pretend that I'm dead spoonfed her sickness candy covered lies so fuckin'
Don't tell me that I can't be myself, that I can't be don't tell me that I can't be myself cause you can't be
[Half chorus repeated] I am that little bitch you fear but you will never tell I'm everything that's ill and

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