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This song is by Tura Satana and appears on the album All Is Not Well (1998).

She didn't wanna do it, but you made me

Take my eyes... I don't wanna see you
Take my ears... and I won't hear you
Take my pride... I don't wanna lose you
Take my fist... and I won't bruise you
Take my hands... I don't wanna feel you
Take my mind... and I won't fear you
Take my lips... I don't wanna lust you
Take my lies... I don't trust you

Now all I am is empty
Got nothin' left of me
And it's killing me
To be so empty!

Pain... take it 'cause I don't wanna hurt you
Game... play it and I won't burn you
Guilt... lay it 'cause I don't wanna blame you
Words... say it and I won't shame you
Heart... break it 'cause I don't wanna hate you
Soul... take it and I won't rape you
Blood... spill it 'cause I don't wanna shove you
Love... kill it 'cause I won't fuck you

And all I am is empty
Don't need your sympathy
You're confusing me
While your consuming me
Now all I am is empty
With nothing left in me
And it's killing me... to be so empty

As long as I hold you in contempt
I hold you...
Resentment is just my way of holding on

And now it's one
I feel no pain
I can't pretend
I'm not the same
Stole my soul
Self control
You don't know me anymore
Tried to hide the way you kept me but you left me fuckin' empty

You left me
So fuckin' empty
And I'm the one to blame!

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