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Stupid Pet Tricks (1992)Edit

Tub Ring - Stupid Pet Tricks
Stupid Pet Tricks
  1. Not Just Me
  2. Bathroom Song
  3. Stupid Pet Tricks
  4. The Old Man
  5. Cheesebox
  6. Rubber Duckie

Music For The Bathroom (1993)Edit

Tub Ring - Music For The Bathroom
Music For The Bathroom
  1. Self Discovery At 7-11
  2. Uncle Puttleman
  3. Love Krook
  4. Hors D'ouvers
  5. Two Noses
  6. Close To You
  7. Not Just Me
  8. Farm Boy

...And The Mashed Potato Mountain Etiquette (1995)Edit

Tub Ring - ...And The Mashed Potato Mountain Etiquette
...And The Mashed Potato Mountain Etiquette
  1. Scuba Gear
  2. Gizzards
  3. Flying Pimp
  4. Black Message
  5. Invisible Pet
  6. And Then There's Joe
  7. Breakdancing My Way Back Into Your Heart
  8. Unappealing
  9. Yummie Yummie Yummie
  10. New Shoes
  11. Dead Things On The Side Of The Road Make Me Laugh
  12. Courtesy Flush

The Mike Fasano Years (1996)Edit

Tub Ring - The Mike Fasano Years
The Mike Fasano Years
  1. Living With Rene's Head
  2. French Pastry
  3. Above
  4. No More Refills

Super Sci-Fi Samurai Rock Star Ultra Turbo II Ver.3.6 (1997)Edit

Tub Ring - Super Sci-Fi Samurai Rock Star Ultra Turbo II Ver.3.6
Super Sci-Fi Samurai Rock Star Ultra Turbo II Ver.3.6
  1. Uberwagon
  2. O.C.D.
  3. Living With Rene's Head
  4. Recovering Addict
  5. How To Kill Just About Everyone
  6. French Pastry
  7. Malabsorbtive
  8. Float
  9. And Then There's Joe
  10. Bustin' A Nut

Drake Equation (2001)Edit

Tub Ring - Drake Equation
Drake Equation
  1. Where's The Robot?
  2. Bite The Wax Tadpole
  3. Faster
  4. Good Food: Happy Family
  5. Bernard's Three Awakenings
  6. Numbers
  7. Downloading Satan
  8. In The Future
  9. No More Refills
  10. She's The Pro
  11. God Hates Astronauts

Book Of Water (2001)Edit

Tub Ring - Book Of Water
Book Of Water
  1. Panic The Digital (2001 Version)
  2. O.C.D.
  3. Living With Rene's Head (2001 Version)
  4. Mouth To Mouth
  5. Break Dancing My Way Back Into Your Heart
  6. Teen Beat Medley
  7. Negative One (Live)
  8. How To Kill Just About Everyone
  9. Bustin' A Nutt (2001 Version)

Fermi Paradox (2002)Edit

Tub Ring - Fermi Paradox
Fermi Paradox
  1. I Am The Robot
  2. Invalid
  3. Future Was Free
  4. Psychology Is B.S. (Not Science)
  5. At The Seams
  6. Living With Rene's Head
  7. Fruit Of Knowledge
  8. Hands
  9. Negative One
  10. Fall Back
  11. Panic The Digital
  12. The Subsequent Rating Given To The Life And Times Of Jack Valenti
  13. The Way To Mars

Zoo Hypothesis (2004)Edit

Tub Ring - Zoo Hypothesis
Zoo Hypothesis
  1. Tiny, Little
  2. Death Of The Robot
  3. The Promise Keeper
  4. Sharpening The Sticks
  5. I Could Never Fall In Love With You
  6. One With My Surroundings
  7. Habitat
  8. The Night Watch
  9. Dog Doesn't Bite
  10. Alexander In Charge
  11. Raindrops
  12. The Viking Song
  13. We Are The Righteous
  14. Return To Me
  15. Wealth Of Information
  16. Vehicle

Optics & Sonics (2005)Edit

Tub Ring - Optics & Sonics
Optics & Sonics
  1. 2Minus3
  2. Bustin' A Nutt (2001 Redux)
  3. Panic The Digital (Demo)
  4. Keep Your Head Down
  5. Farnsworth Road
  6. The Emperor's Son
  7. The Night Watch (Interlude)
  8. All The Rules Have Changed
  9. One Piece At A Time
  10. Greenest Of Stages
  11. The Dockyards
  12. God Hates Astronauts (Outro)

The Great Filter (2007)Edit

Tub Ring - The Great Filter
The Great Filter
  1. Friends And Enemies
  2. The Charismatic Smile
  3. Seven Exodus
  4. Get Help (Now!)
  5. When The Crash Happened
  6. Killers In Love
  7. No One Wants To Play
  8. Requiem For A Robot
  9. Life In Transition
  10. Glass Companion
  11. Making No Sound (At All)
  12. The Truth
  13. Wrong Kind Of Message
  14. My Job Here Is Done

Secret Handshakes (2010)Edit

Tub Ring - Secret Handshakes
Secret Handshakes
  1. Stop This (NOW!)
  2. Bird Of A Different Color
  3. Gold Finger
  4. Touching The Enemy
  5. Burn
  6. Cryonic Love Song
  7. Feed The Rapture
  8. Flash
  9. I Shot Your Faggot Horse Bitch
  10. Chronic Hypersomnia
  11. Optimistic
  12. The Day The World Will End
  13. Tip Of My Tongue
  14. The Horrible And The Holy

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