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T.B. Vs. The Monster

This song is by Tsunami Bomb.

Thought that you would be our guide through this big jungle I'm wondering why
Your teeth are sharpened you have hungry eyes, where did you take us
Your family honor is weak, balloon of loyalty has got a leak, how can I trust you when,
I know you'll sell me

You're not more than a monster made of glass please see the truth
And since you're not more than a, a monster made of glass we'll shatter you
We'll shatter you.

I have no many friends who deserve so much more
By helping each other we get the force of a wrecking ball smashing up all your teeth
Soon you'll be helpless and we'll be free
Let's go!
I know that we disagree because I believe in insecurity
That word is avenge from your library of quarterly proceeds



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