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Malignant Coronation

This song is by Tsjuder and appears on the album Desert Northern Hell (2004).

I summon You o Mighty One
I can hear You Calling
Whipsering words unspoken
Yes so clear

I can see the Gathering of Thousands
I can feel the Evil breathing
I know the Time has come
I know my Time has come

O Mighty Lord of Chaos and Desrtruction
O Ruler of Darkness

Spirits of Ancient Times has been awaken
Daemons of the Underworld come forth
The Sky turns back as never seen before
The Smell of Death approaches

O Mighty Lord of Evil and Hatred
O Ruler of Infinity

My Horde has finally awaken
I can see them raging
They now summon Me
I am their Master

Prepare of Desecration!

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