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​Playing With Fire

This song is by Trytan and appears on the album Sylentiger (1990).

I haven't been around awhile
What's been going on?
The emptiness that's in your smile
Tells me something must be wrong
I know you've heard it said before
"Once burned, twice shy"
Your chasing fame and fortune
But the glory fades and the feelings die
It's like a child
With this lesson to be learned
If you're playin' with fire
You're gonna get burned

Into the arena
Lasers cut the air
The heartbeat of the thousands
It's what's drawn you to the stars
Is it you they came to see
And idol of the age?
They lay down on your altars
But you just turn away

You shoot a lethal does of worldly pride
You're walkin' the wire
Bein' pulled by your desire
While His love is burning in the night
He's fighting for your life
And I wonder why you're still...
Playin' with fire

Choose the fire that He sends
'Cause both those fires never end!

Our global colloseum
Was the stage He played
Conquering the darkness
His blood the ransom paid

The serpent lifted in glory
Will never hide that truth
His love is always marchin' on
I don't care what you do

Don't shoot a letha dose of worldly pride
Don't walk on the wire
Don't get pulled by your desire
As His love is burning in the night
We're fighting for your life
Until you see the light
We will play with fire!