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Make Your Move

This song is by Trytan and appears on the album Sylentiger (1990).

Your limo's on the drive by five a phantom of the night
To push your poison and your pain, you know that some will die
The innocent's your aim to gain, you're praying on their cries
But you'll scream when it's time to pay the Father of Lights

You can't hide and you can't run away
Your weapons fail, there's nothing you can do
You want to strike but he's fighting inside of you

Make Your Move
His love's surrounded you
You Won't lose
He's fought and died for you
Make Your Move
His love's surrounded you
Nothing left to do
But surrender tonight

Now it's a high noon in your heart, time to decide
The lines are drawn and the cards are stacked
Your running out of time
The anger burns within your heart, the flames touch the sky
A grain of sand against a star
It's time to live or die

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