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Here To Stay

This song is by Trytan and appears on the album Sylentiger (1990).

Where has the time gone?
It seems like it slipped right through your fingers
And now your wondering where your life went wrong
Now you want to know which way to turn, which way to go

Have all he stars fallen from your skies
While you waited for your night in shining armour, to carry you away from here
And wipe away your tears
OH, I am here
OH, I am here
OH, I am here to stay

You've been waiting for someone with a real love to come along
Years of waiting, through tears and pain
To see love pouring down like falling rain

Now it's time for you to see, love's deepest mystery
Hear the whispers of the heart of the one who loves you as you are

I am here to dry your tears
And you know it's time to cross the line
I am here, to calm your fears
Don't turn away, I am here to stay

Your abandoned heart won't ever feel the same
If you'll reach and finally take his hand
He's been waiting through tears and pain
To let his love pour down like falling rain

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