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This song is by Trust and appears on the album Savage (1981).

(Bonvoisin, Krief, Chemlekh, Glespen, Platt)

First time I heard the word, it made me aware
Blow from behind, it came from nowhere
Acting without reason, they protect it from defeat
Requested by an ally called the champion of peace
Always advancing death's rotten stench
With her claws squeezing life from the future of men
Automatic guns replace the legendary scythe
Jailer and torturer, her army by her side

Repression, repression

I'm on a road that leads to no place
In a circus with the clowns, no paint of their face
Like an armored tank, eyes pointing to the front
I really want to know, I want reassurance
If you lose your memory in a bar, you must
Beware of the stranger smiling in the dark
And sharping the blade of your intention
On his face one expression to justify his actions

Repression, repression

In the vomit of the torture hall, repression
Masked eyes, backs against the wall, repression
Slaughtered children under military rule, repression
Stadiums of Chile where you pray like a fool, repression

Repression, repression, repression, repression!

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