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The School of Instant Pain

This song is by Triumvirat and appears on the album Spartacus (1975).


I'll be your guide
So join me and fight
To break down the walls
That keep us in this misery

I'll be your friend
Believe in the end
We built up a new
And better land

The Gladiator's Song

I've been trained to kill a man
A sword, a spear or with my hand
As nature built me big and strong
A gladiator's song

We're kept like animals in a cage
They pay for it to see the rage
Their kicks have become stale and dry
They get excited when we die

Our life it is not meant to last
The arms so strong the eyes so fast
We're putting on a special show
And selling out the big front row

There is no chance of getting free
We could fight for eternity
And death is near it won't take long
A gladiator's song

Roman Entertainment

Get ready now, this is your next fight man
Don't think too much about yourself
Last night you told me that you can't go on
You have no choice, you go to hell

You said the moments you enjoyed your life
They seemed to fade away so fast
And when you felt that you had found a friend
You knew for sure it wouldn't last

I know these people in the audience
They want the show to be on time
Don't hesitate I ring my special bell
And you know that's my starting sign

So draw your knife, go out and take your chance
And show these folks your bravery
And if you manage to come back alive
Tomorrow's big fight is at three

The Battle


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