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Broken Mirror

This song is by Triumvirat and appears on the album Mediterranean Tales (1972).

I listen to your footstep when you're walking up the floor
I'd like to love you babe but you won't give me more
You don't understand today

I came back from a party which used to be at [Paul's] home
I am so very sure that I [....] you in his door
You don't understand the way

If you will give a little chance I'm going to show you
Then I can give you more that I know how to do
There's no interest at all

I listen to your footstep when you're creeping up the floor
You're rattling with your key and you're tired of picking doors
Have a good time in your bed

Living is one of the burdens of life
No need to fail if you don't realise
Living is mostly what they've never seen
Working for something that they'll never be

I'm looking for a way to write my symphony
Refreshing words I read can give the needed mystery
It is the period of change

I'd like to join the force to fly and brave the worlds
which are preventing me from realising facts
which've never been confronted to my own


Written by:

written by Jürgen Fritz.

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