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(Oh, I'm) Late Again

This song is by Triumvirat and appears on the album À la Carte (1978).

It seems it's been a long long time
Since I have had to be home at nine
I always made it - but too late
And that has been my share of fate
And still I know I will be there
I might be late which isn't fair
It does annoy those friends of mine
When I always say I'll be on time

I never can make it right on time
There's always something in my way
You have to believe that I really try
But it happens to me every day
And I know you don't give a damn
Here we go, Oh I'm late again

On Friday afternoon at four
My bank locks up the entrance door
I need some cash to pay the rent
Of course I'm late - no happy end
The banker is a friend of mine
He knows I'm never there in time
So I start knocking on his door
'Cause after all it's only a quarter past four

It happened once that I wasn't late
Which is the other side of fate
I met this girl and right away
I told her what I had to say
And ever since we went along
Sometimes we're late, sometimes right on
And while I'm writing down this song
She stands there waiting for me

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