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Vung Bien Vang

This song is by Trish Thuy Trang and appears on the album Whispers (2009).

Co mot tinh yeu ma da hap hoi trong dem co lien.
And I wonder where you've gone. De minh ai ben bo vang.
Days missing you, I hear the waves each afternoon.
Mot nguoi mai lang thang di tim vong tay da xa nghin trung.

Chi con mua gio, den om doi em. And only storms left on these shores.
Bien vang, loi thi tham hoa cung tieng gio.
Bien nho, loi nguyen the ngay xua da mat.
I long for your embrace, I dream about our days.
Now just waves have been left upon these shores.

Vung bien vang, chuyen tinh yeu nhoa trong di vang. Bien nho va bui ron rung da mat.
Your love has washed away from all the wind and rain.
And so now bien viang anh, bien nho anh.

Lac trong bien vang, La la la lac trong bien nho, la la la

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