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Reason To Smile

This song is by Trish Thuy Trang and appears on the album Whispers (2009).

You were my knight in times that were dark and held me into your arms
You made it right when things would go wrong and made me feel I was strong

You bring me sunshine at night and when the clouds will fill the sky
You chase away all my tears. Because of you I'm happy to say
You're my reason to smile
You're the reason I shine
You're the reason I laugh. You're the love of my life
When the world gets me down and I feel like I wanna frown and cry. You're my reason to smile.

The faces you make can take it away and everything is okay. Cheering me up with one simple touch. And I just love you so much.

Chorus (2 times)
You're the reason I smile

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