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This song is by Trish Thuy Trang and appears on the album Whispers (2009).

Listen to the breeze. The sky is suddenly a picture from my memory.
Familiar scent of air, I feel it very clear, the end of something's coming near.
I see it in your face the joy has gone away the time has flown and sure to tell.
I always knew the day would come eventually where we would have to bid farewell.

So long, no matter life keeps moving on.
Now let's say those words and we'll be on our way.
Time to say goodbye. So turn around and watch the sky and smile, don't cry.
'Cause everything will be all right, you'll see, we'll be so happy once again.
In time the sun will rise, it's not the end it's just goodbye.

Though nothing ever lasts, I know that I'll look back and laugh about the times we had.
So many ups and downs, some silly, some profound, our time has finally come around.

Thank you for the memories. So they say, we'll always have our yesterdays.