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Mentally Alive

This song is by Triptii.

It took a whole lot of mind, and concentration
To become a living member of Emancipation - I'm free
It took a brand new struggle, and ability
To take away the insane immaturity - I'm free
Television, Elevation from the body and the mind
Taking mental medication to remind me I'm alive
I am feeding off of people who continue to survive
I will never let a little counterfeit in my life
Life is a feeding operation - given to you - every situation - I'm free

I Separated on my own
And I will Fly
To a place where I am Mentally Alive
Here I am I'm growing Stronger everyday
Here I am don't take me any other way

The Prison Walls surrounding me
Surround me from Reality
Communicating with my soul - rhythm inside of me
The World's a telemarketer - they never get enough
We forget what we are given - we've forgotten how to love
I will never forget it - and never regret it
No matter what I'm going to let it
Remember I said it - I'm gonna be free...
Growing up I had a vision of a beautiful life
Growing up ahead of - instead of becoming alive
I didn't realize - my eyes are part of the solution
They bring together, the better of every illusion
Life is a feeding operation
Given to you every situation - I'm free

Am I foolish, or am I going blind?
Am I clueless Mentally Alive

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