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The Slacks

This song is by Trip Shakespeare and appears on the album Across The Universe (1990).

Can I tell you a romantic story
About the one-eyed lady in France
I guess the king decreed that all the various princes
Should try to get inside her pants

So along came a Saint Paul dandy
He was six-and-a-half feet tall
He said "All the little ladies love roses"
She took the roses and that was all

The next man for the one-eyed lady
was my dignified rother Dan
He said "Bring the little woman some kisses and attention"
She wouldn't even shake his hand

Then I moved into the picture
I was wearing these magic pants
I said "Let the blind bottom of my body do the talking"
She fell into a magic trance

I wore the pants
I said relax
We did a dance
They call the slacks

Let me tell you the truth of the story
It was me moving in those pants
Matt said "The way to her heart is through her tummy"
And then he took her out to restaurants!

Could you both turn down the distortion
Cause you know I wore the pants
You were both laid out on the floor with no protection
In a deep dark watery trance

I wore the pants
I said relax
We did a dance
They call The Slacks

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