Trip Lee:Between Two Worlds (2010)

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Album by Trip Lee.
  1. Real Life Music
  2. Snitch
  3. Invade (featuring Jean Paul)
  4. Prognosis
  5. No Worries
  6. Covenant Eyes (featuring Pro)
  7. Life 101 (featuring Chris Lee)
  8. I Love Music (featuring Sho Baraka)
  9. Limitations (featuring Leah Smith)
  10. Yours to Own (featuring Jimmy Needham)
  11. Apathy (Interlude)
  12. Twisted (featuring Lecrae, Pro and Thi'sl)
  13. Bear With You (featuring Tedashii)
  14. Show's Over (featuring Mitch Parks)
  15. The Invasion (Hero) (featuring Jai)
  16. My Lord
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