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Apathy (Interlude)

This song is by Trip Lee and appears on the album Between Two Worlds (2010).

Sometimes I’m hurtin’ and I’m burdened when I’m gazin’ inside
Cause I ain’t concerned with other persons, the foundation is pride
Feel like a fake and a lie
It’s like my comforts of my Lord ‘cause I be raisin’ him high
Until the day that I die, I surely struggle with this apathy invading
I try to front, like I’m Mr. Compassionate my ratings are high
And meanwhile these folks is hurtin’ every place, I should cry
But I lose sight like bullets grazin’ my eyes, what should I do now?
When I drive through my city, and I see these folks hurtin’
Yeah, I’m certain that I care till I’m home and close the curtains
It’s like they ain’t even there, man my heart is so disturbin’
I should be prayin’ for ‘em, findin’ ways that I can serve ‘em
The bottom line, Lord I’m praying I be on the grind
Pursuing service, never out of sight, out of mind
Preaching truth and trying to model my Lord till he’s back and them knees hit the floor
I’m waitin’!

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