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For All My Ladies

This song is by Trick Daddy and appears on the album Thugs Are Us (2001).

For all of my ladies gettin' money makin' these niggas pay
All of them haters gonna hate you don't listen to what they say
To all of my ladies gettin' money tryin' to pay these bills
Make these niggas help you mommy make 'em keep it real

Gimme the keys to the Bentley that's right
Me and my girls goin' out tonight
And I don't wanna fight tonight, give my bread up
Ain't nothing you can do when a women's fed up
And I'm fed up nigga shut up nigga
Go but you better keep my bread up nigga
'Fore I find me a playa who will treat me better
Dick me to sleep and eat me better
You want a bitch who will fuck ya and feed ya
Uh uh fuck nigga I don't need ya
And you ain't gotta love me or like me
And hell nah I don't wanna be your wifey
'Cause I'm a bad bitch born to ball
And when you go to jail fuck nigga don't call
You want me to stay nigga you gonna pay
Gimme that doe playboy don't play

I ain't finna cook, clean, babysit, or housekeep
Gimme twenty g's drop me on Southbeach
Let me shop till I drop spend till I faint
Burn up twenty get another ten out the bank
Let me show you how a hot girl get bread
All that fuck me for free shit been dead

I need a playa in my life trillion dollars
That's gonna keep diamonds round my collar
Lil momma MIA's finest
The baddest bitch call me Your Hinest
Slip N Slide on fire and you know that
I know you like the way Lil Momma throw that
I know you like the way Lil Momma shake that
Playa if you gotta bank I'm a break that
Miss Trina hottest thang on the south coast
I got these fuck niggas trickin off their house note

(Chorus- twice)

These niggas will play if you let them
Promise you the world try to make you sweat em
If a nigga got beef girl you better em
If a nigga dead broke fuck 'em and forget em
Move on to the big trick with the bigger dick
Get 'em off glass girl that will get 'em quick
Cause niggas ain't shit but some dick and balls
And I ain't got no love I'll trick 'em all
You got to get them before they get you
Fuck me for free I ain't with that shit boo
You got to treat them just like they treat you
If they want their dick sucked make 'em eat you
Never let 'em beat you or mistreat you
Make 'em pay a bill before he freak you, uh
Cause money mean the world to me
And ain't in this motherfuckin world for free UH UH UH

(Chorus- 4 times)

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