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The Unloved (Skit)

This song is by Tricky and appears on the album Adrian Thaws (2014).

Why have some of my friends died
Dedicate to the fallen friends in the streets
The loved
The unloved
Now they're forgotten
We must make ... nothing
Think of your ways
Try making the world thinking of you
Keeping your memories alive
We demand recognition for the fallen soldiers of the streets
We need a revolution

We got all the top men
The bad men
Let's start a revolution
Teach the kids how to... the streets

Why's in the world

We're meant to be intelligent animals
Why have we lost so many in the streets
Fighting and getting involved in the darker aspects
Or misunderstanding
This precious fragile life
We need a positive revolution
Take back the world
Whose world is this
It's ours
The masses
The revolution people


Written by:

Alan Johnson

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