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This song is by Tricky and appears on the album Skilled Mechanics (2016).

I'm out of time
Oh, that's fine
Make it ...
Your silly games

Out of sight
Out of mind
Please don't play (?)
Please rewind

Miss you much
Tasting touch
On my knees
I try to please

My pain's on pause (?)
It's not like yours
When nighttime come
Sleep ... keep ...

Nighttime come
Run and hide (?)
Should really sigh (?)
Silly Games (sample)
... Taste my fame
... Walk my shoes
But you might lose

You just don't ...
You silly cunt
You might like stress (?)
You can do your best

I'm ... best (?)
But I feel like a mannequin
I smoke and drink
I float I sink

Your love
Your love blood (?)
Your love

Written by:

MacKenzie Johnson and Adrian Thaws

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