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Gangster Chronicle

This song is by Tricky and appears on the album Adrian Thaws (2014).

Some think they're safe
Like their cash at the banks
But banks get robbed
So I skank the fake gang
Fucking gangstar
'Cause they're fucking around
Like a bounty check

And you can tell I'm a fucking nigga lover
Same color as my ... bigger brother
And father and I'm rather glad
He ain't a fucking old cunt
Who's a National Front jerk
Outta work 'cause he's a big bastard
Blamin' a spade
Everytime he gets plastered
That's why I never be the county bounty
Or a power cat/gang
... Is just like Arafat
With a molotov cocktail
You wanna try our way
And run things like the I.R.A.
Fucking up every cunt that you're ...
... Pig dog
I'd rather be called nig nog
Comes far with the bad...
And he learns ...
... Words
To erase this bastard
'Cause when you're black
It's all about being a ruffneck monster

Some people look at me as a thief
And they're right
'Cause I'm a thief with gold teeth
But never the chief tho
Never the ...
. Man who's getting stress ...
Ever bring a nigga on to this/East side
I ain't a token coon
I'm a ruffneck
The one you don't wanna meet
Back when I'm on the street
Somebody ... rob and they make me...
... In a couple of hours and then let me go
But fuck no, I spent the night
When I wake up with a judge who had a fight
With his boyfriend
Gunshot video all of dem
'Cause they let young boys ... prefer men
But it ain't on me
As I ponder the possibility
Of robbing the riches from their racing quad
With a rolex into cheap sex and expects
A nigga to be a smilin' figure
With a grin and a watermelon
But somebody oughta tell 'em
That youths are raggamuffin
To the maximum
That's why they ...
... Take away the things that rule
..., Right
Let me explain the rules of the game
Meant to live a lie
It's just to stay black and die

Written by:

Rodney Panton and Jeff Tetteh

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