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This song is by Trick Trick and appears on the album The People vs. (2005).

(Trick Trick)
This is some f**ked up shit man.
I'm fighting for my motherf**king life.
I'm sittin' here all this time on some dumb shit?
These bitches out to kill me, they aint playin'!
I aint talkin' some nigga's this.
I'm talkin' bout the motherf**king people.
F**k it! Let's Go!

(Verse One)

What would be the reason for me to jump out of the rep.
And run up on a motherf**ker with a fifty round clip?
And shoot him in the back of his head 4 or 5 times
His brain was out and scattered, basted outta his mind.
His sister got on the stand and told it.
Mouth full of lies ????????
Pointing a finger but wouldn't look me in the eyes, not once did this bitch even acknowledge the ????
I was in my truck at the corner when her brother was killed.
No Where near the scene, I'm clean far as murder's concerned.


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