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This song is by Tribe and appears on the album Sleeper (1993).

Got the call just yesterday
And now it seems as if
It's always been this way
Hasn't told his wife
Hasn't told his kids
If there was anything left
He's forgotten it

Under Texas soil
Under Texas sky
It sits and waits and grows
It runs for fifty-four miles
Goodbye Princeton
Goodbye CERN
He's gone to Texas
To watch the holy fire burn
He's gone to build
He's gone to build the supercollider

And in his ears
The heartfelt thanks of a grateful nation
Admiring handshake from the king of Sweden
A brighter future for all God's children

Late at night
With no one else around
He sits there staring at
The atoms bouncing 'round
Live your life
Another time
Let's go to Texas
And watch the holy light shine
Let's go to see
Let's go to see the supercollider

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