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The Summer Died

This song is by Triangle and appears on the album Retreat (2004).

"This could be something", so he said,
"The summer died a winter's death",
And I have no ambitious goals to fulfill.
"But I know not to take these things you say for granted.
It seems the days of innocence must end."

On this day you came to know the friends you forgot
Did not need you, or the other way.

My time slows down to nothing more than a while. I am cold

Now, on this dark, early day he has come.
It was the last thing on my mind.
Eyes on the road, I've had more than enough
Ways to feel the white and soft side of this kind.

"Wait", yelled the man from the rear, holding a hand to his face He ran until he walked at me.
"We never asked you to stay, and we've never asked so much, so don't
Believe we've got our hands around your head."

Grinning dogs and happy men aren't at all lost on me.
I'm real high on the early time please let me.

This shouldn't be something. This shouldn't be something.

The summer did not die yet and I have still some time to let me go.
Let me go.

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