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This song is by Triangle and appears on the album Square the Circle (2000).

All around me I see the silhouette of you
You'll always haunt me
My memories will never fade
Like feedback your voice is calling in my head

When I close my eyes the only difference is that you're still there
Tell me, why did this fantasy die
Couldn't it have lasted a little longer a little better
Wouldn't you like to know what did tha past few days

Well I would for I can't remember anything
The days are dark and damp
Like the years before we met

Am I bind
Or is your name only in my mind

When all that remains is my honesty
Your side is left undisturbed

Then you weren't here
When I came home
I thought it was safe to leave you alone
Emptiness is hard to ignore when the noises of silence
Grow so loud that all my thoughts crumble into tiny flakes of sorrow
I'm having the feeling I'm standing in front of
A big neon sign saying "believe me"
I never thought this could happen to me
How could I've deceived me when most people tend to see
Through there own schemes

Is life an illusion for those who can't tell
The difference between nopes an the truth
Under the spell of my life imaginig mind
Taking hold of all it's worth
Take a good look at my life all the sides that I've seen can't be made up
I just won't believe it's true for me true for me
Under the spell of my life imaginig mind
Taking hold of all it's worth for me and you
Always you