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War King

This song is by Trial Kennedy and appears on the album New Manic Art (2008).

Scared for long
Gets hammered on the waiting of your command
A call standing on the radio
Long before I said, "Daddy are you brave enough?"
Lined up, stood Dad and then he lead behind

Let's start jogging
Way after war king
Let's adore him
Wait up till morning

Lesson daunting
Surrounds, appalling
Let's stop warring

Soldiers off
And scared Dad in on the waiting line
To serve a life
They caught Dad in on the way tonight

Bare in mind, Dad made it out
He left alive but lying by his left hand side
A dead body on the way to mine

Who we are scared of, who we are?
The firing of a gun, shut it off, love
Another nightmare of a gun, shut it off, love
Getting over all the blood, shut it off, love


Written by:

Shaun Gionis; Stacey Gray; Aaron Malcolmson; Tim Morrison

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