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Where Man Becomes All

This song is by Trial and appears on the album Vessel (2015).

For even in the garden of liescan the tree of wisdom rise
On which grows the forbidden keys to enter beyond
The serpents seed was planted in this soil
And from within His venomous fangs
Shall spread the poison

The hidden keys to freedom
Growing in the garden of lies

For even in the most beautiful gardens grows the most poisonous fruits
Take one bite and become the murder of all creation and life
Take a path that leads to nothing, for nothing is freedom
And true light shall always conquer, the weak and enslaved

So hear me now, awaken my spirit
Let the words be spoken forever
So open for me, the gates of the abyss
The shrine where man becomes All

For when the flames awaken, the fire will spread
All is nothing on the path I tread
Entwined in circles, the serpent and its tail

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