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To New Ends

This song is by Trial and appears on the album Vessel (2015).

Can't you feel how things come to an end?
How the blades are sweeping through the air
How the mountains turn back into dust
When the night cry out for eternity

There lies the mysteries unseen
Buried deep 'neath the earth
As cherubs shoot broken arrows
As bones rest in their shallow...

As the shadows change their form again
Swaying through the mist
A voice echoes through the fires
Fortelling everythings demise

Vivid dreams unfold and swirl throughout
Every single plain of existence
Killing everything to live
Through bodies breathing still

The teeth of the night are gnawing through time
As certain as the visions of mine
The ghouls they spoke and from their tongues it came
"You know me from far away"

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