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Through Bewilderment

This song is by Trial and appears on the album Vessel (2015).

Crossing the vast chasms raging source
With the foundation from the womb of worlds creation
Named and wed before the dawning moon
A devoid of time, ignites the crudification

Metamorphosis - Aenigma to a guise
Before thee raises - The abode of Kismets walls
As the incarnated moirais in robes of white
Spinning and cutting the twined thread of life

Usurper of the netherworld, a servants matter
Aberrant and lone with past tracks shattered
In search through the hollow and winding maze
With the cicerone carrying the adept through the grades

Further beyond
For thirst bounds the flesh to life

Farther beyond
For thirst of death to life

Where Tehoms breath caresses the neck
A sense of enlightment deep in an emptied chest
A sudden blaze burns out blackened eyes
But the eye ahead sights a devoted child

Traverse the pathway of concealment within
With the loyalty of night's heroin
Unwrapping the seals of a third blighted orb
With the deeds of our righteous lord

Further Beyond
For thirst of death bounds the putrid flesh

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