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The Primordial Temple

This song is by Trial and appears on the album The Primordial Temple (2011).

Black raindrops are falling from these luminous nightskies
A voice from within telling me to leave this creation of lies
To wander the vast deserts in dreamlike trance
Spirits calling my name to join them in their dance

Transcended, transformed into shapeless form
I sink in the raging rivers that flow... so far below!
Above the barriers that always seemed to hold me down
There I'll meet my master and my spirit becomes unbound

I seek the primordial temple, the ever so desolate place
I'm leaving this world behind, without any trace

Corpselike birds welcome me into His abode in the dark
On mountains high, trees grew strong and tall bearing his mark
"This is my home, I'm here all alone" I thought...
Falling deeper into the unknown

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