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Restless Blood

This song is by Trial and appears on the album Vessel (2015).

Morbid transit of eternal damnation
Unveild is the genesis, when the stars ablazing
Exodus of death, cradle me to sleep
Eternal eyes glare, to attain the highest deep

Enlightment that ends the illusion of life

The Serpents dwelling in the great abyss
Captivates me in perpetual unity
Us - The adorers of Lunacy
Succumb to plenary rendition

Entangled cord rejoice at salvations end
From the coiling crown the image ascend
Excavated truth with cloak descend
It is restless blood, feel it transcend

Across the forest, where the phantom absorbs me
It channels the doctrine and knowledge of the tree
Enfolding itself through our bodies proclaiming
A vanishing smoke, a dogma ascending

Initiation with the debris of death
In slumber waiting for the great edifice to erect
The double-edged sword dictates through the mouth
For it stands written both within and without

Manifestation of the prophecies
Through emanations from bottomless pits
Us - The Destroyers of plantings
Sounding our trumpets over dried up rivers

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