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Of Sinister Seed (The Madness Within)

This song is by Trial and appears on the EP Malicious Arts (2013).

A sinful hunger thrives within this flesh so cold
Our temple is restored!
An urge to seek beyond the mountains of old
Oh these blessed thoughts impure!

There is a glow in the skies
And the air changed once more
As if great furnace doors were being opened

The clouds touched with dapples of flame
From the wellspring within it came
The single truth without form or name

Through the mist I trembled forth in solitude
To seek the dark depths once again!
And unveiled were hidden plains leading out of time
That will erase all restrictive thoughts of mine!

Receive the power to build the world anew
Your own reflection will no longer stare back at you
Like flesh and bone suddenly ripped apart
Heed to the fire that burns within your heart

And so the flesh reflects the madness within
A raging hysteria, a wonderful peace
Blessed and cursed! Until the day I lay my bones
In an already forgotten tomb - Forever!

I am the stillborn child, I am of sinister seed
My heart pumps but ash in these veins!
I am the rotten fruit in the garden of life
I - my own sacrifice!

A thousand voices echoed through deceitful skies
Shattering the clouds that concealed the oldest lies
Our fires burning prideful, and inwards shall we see
A most divine mystery bound in you and me...

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