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Ecstasy Waltz

This song is by Trial and appears on the album Vessel (2015).

Come closer, a step towards wisdoms told
Just an inch more and throughout the cold
I can see your vague judgment dividing your thoughts
You are lost, take my hand, whatever the cost

I see beyond the depth of your eyes
Into your ailing mind, corrupted with lies
How a pounding heart divorced the soul
A barren void, a neglected whole

I sense a longing to dine in the halls
To surrender completely when your master calls
Now I am calling for thee, I am the echos in the night
I'll exile the clouds, I'll plant vision to your sight

A tree is growing in a downwards spiral below
With life above, with nothing to bestow
Will you choose from a branch that bears fruit?
Can you choose to handle its content of truth?

Take my pale hand and waltz with me
A beauty in frenzy and ecstasy
Solemnly, a journey on the wildest tides
At the end, were you able to capture your life?

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