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A Ruined World

This song is by Trial and appears on the album Vessel (2015).

Across the naked heavens a lonely lodestar finds its path
A beacon of infamy and Pride, See the sun is blocked and bleeding out
Its last streams of light
Beneath it we rest in debris of Night

Through cracked earth and shattered bones it radiates
Where thunder rolls like death it emancipates
We are the ones to follow it unto the end
Straight into the space beyond the stars

Silenced - our cares, without desires we are free
Desolate hearts singing deafening
Of bridges past and burnt black with endless love
A labour of definite awe

In misery's omen we found our selfes in pain
Fallen, broken - thus everything to gain
For through naught is All possible and so became
The ruined world, In wich we burn as outcasts, never to return

From the fangs of the Serpent, a most welcome poison
We are of it's kin, a blessing from within
The outer havens where cold streams of death
Flow motionless in pace with Our breath

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