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Best Friend

This song is by Tri Minh.

Saying: Have you Ever Been In Love?

He's my best friend
Best of all bestfriends
Do you have a bestfriend too?
It's tickle in my tummy
He's so yummy yummy
Hey you should get a bestfriend too

Hello baby can I see you smile?
I'm going to a party& it's gonna be wild
Okay, Can I come I'm seating alone?
No, Friends are never alone
Dat's rite!

Maybe... Some pretty girls r in ur world
But excuse me... I can also be ur girl
Lately, everyone is making fun

Aloha, baby lets go to the beach
Yeah, girls in bikinis r waiting for me
Ah ha! But I was hoping for a summer romance
So Y don't you take a chance?

(Pre-Chorus& Chorus)

Saying: Let's get this party on
Hit me w/ a laser gun!

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