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The Way I Remember It

This song is by Trent Willmon and appears on the album Broken In (2008).

Indian Summer, both of us laughin
Hackberry trees and fireflies flashin

So many holes in the soles of our shoes
You dont choose life, life chooses you

on a raft we built from scrapwood
Mosquito bit scratchin felt so good
And I
d never seen eyes your color of blue
You dont choose love, love chooses you

From here lookin
back, twenty years gone by
Life slipped by life a gulf shore high tide
And now loves more like a thorn in my side
Than the wonderland it used to be
I guess that
s why these memories shine like
Sixteenth birthday cake candlelights
And I know it wasnt that perfect
But that
s the way I like to remember it

Big green John Deere forty-eight-forty
Turnin dirt for most of the morning
Radio givin
severe weather warnings
You dont choose fate, fate chooses you

I got to your house as the black skies opened
We were all alone, thunder was rollin

As west Texas flatland turned into ocean
That was the end of our innocence moment

And Ive learned most of the sad times, the break downs
The broken parts fade away
I keep all of the highlights close to my heart
And I need them everyday

Yeah that
s the way I like to remember it

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