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Veil Of Obliteration

This song is by Trauma and appears on the album Karma Obscura (2013).

Through the veil of obliteration
In cold embrace of ancient wisdom
Growing spawn of human immolation
Blessed by tyranny of utopia
The dweller of the abyss in emptiness
Like sworn enemy in our martyrium

The rotting flesh in holy communion
With a full cup of acid blood
There is the fetish of insanity
The paradox of God's obscurity
Like orgy of his darkened dreams
Ultimate order to wretched lambs

There is a time to break your fear
The monger of flesh full installation
Like a thorn in newborn mind
The gateway to dark salvation
The crestfallen by endless renewal
Unleashed from the illness of pathology

To the endless game
For life, better life
The animals are beasts
But humanity is fucking vile

Pandemonic necrophobic prophecies
Visions of soulless annihilation
Here are the gifts of his emptiness
Shame for the mankind's stupidity
Onward to the ungodly extinction
Rise from the ashes of slavery

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