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​The Slime

This song is by Trauma and appears on the album Archetype Of Chaos (2010).

Welcome to the freak show
Here everyone is an actor and spectator
And the scent is our world

Here are the bizarre arts on the church altar
And the abstract acts of the political arena

So many things unite us
We are the community of fabulous colors of rainbow
Floating in the slime

Our souls are rotting, rolled in the putrid slime
It makes us lose our individuality
And the authentic faith

Welcome to the show...
We re just puppets here

This art is real
But at the same time so grotesque and full of horror
Here we are monstrous creations of our own progress

Here we become masters of evil and lies
The stage is a fabulous kaleidoscope of colors
Where we can see things we want to see

Ha! how poor and depraved are we
Larves of vanity and indifference gnaws at us
We desire only power and strength
Which will lead us tо the emperor's throne
Of deprivation and stench

Welcome to the show. welcome on the stage
Here we are rotting flesh without a soul
Here is our world. we. die in agony
It's is our punishment and our I end

Slime in the color of rainbow
The theater of degeneration

The punishment is the price!