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The Edge Of Depravity

This song is by Trauma and appears on the album Karma Obscura (2013).

Yearning in the age of depravity
Convulse between love and nothingness
Of fallen world and it's all substitutes
The created substance of new life
Forbidden for the weak creatures
But alive! as disease - a constant gift

The serpentines of DNA chains
Demonic patters improve them to immortality
The imprecated souls - keepers of wisdom
Curse me in the name of human progress

Chaotic molecules in devilish motion
Ordered in the colonies of energy
Most organized structures of hate
Macrobiotic greed of endless power
Breeding the spawn of deity monsters
Burning the obsolete manuscript of rules

The vanguard of lies, impious tribunal
Lead us downward to the agnostic hell
The world keeps turning on in slavery machine
The worshippers of nothing
Thrown away to endless Eden
Profundity of bleeding, human nature remains
That we are rise to ruin, that we're raise to pain

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