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Spiral Of Extinction

This song is by Trauma and appears on the album Karma Obscura (2013).

The wicked kingdom of sick souls
Breeding the martyrs of new millennium
In holy terror of sick deities
I have lost' my last fucking doubts

Last chapter of my life
The first breath of tainted ash
Am I a madman? am I the victim of...?
Essential raptor and enemy of mankind

To destroy the stream of life
To annihilate the structure of God
The maniac forces of filthy ideas
The words that made them living dead

That world is gone for all of us
Flowing horror that is the only way
In biomechanical spiral of extinction
In every flash, in an eye of the worshipper

Materialized fear is growing
The spirits of life are going away
What is the price of creation?
The highest law of extermination

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