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Photographic Memory

This song is by Transit and appears on the album Keep This To Yourself (2010).

I learned to say these words long before I knew what they meant.

And I know you're good at keeping secrets
Well I'm better at wearing them out for the world to see.

So take that old cracked photograph and tuck it away.
Well knowing you it takes most of the to get half of the truth.

But if you can keep this to yourself,
I will tell you all about the last twenty something years
Of heartache and deception, rock bottom and redemption.

Well knowing you I learned to write these words
Long before I knew just what they meant.
And you can have a photographic memory it still won't bring it back
It still won't bring us back.

But if you can keep this to yourself.
I will tell you all about how we got left behind.

So take another picture for someone else to find.

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