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Reign Over Me

This song is by Transcend and appears on the album The Mind (2011).

Gone is the one that I loved,
She left me with nothing but pain.
As I look into the sun
And learn that my life has to change
Time slows to a halt.
Exploring the depths of my mind
Carefully try not to fall
I'm looking for all I can find.

My time has come
I must be strong
Clouds flood the sky
Fears reign over me...

Wandering aimlessly
No guidance anywhere
Cycle of nature
Disturbed by our greed.
Making belief in
This pretentious source
I am teaching us all
To manipulate minds.

My time has come.
I must be strong.
Clouds flood the sky.
Tears reign over me...

I know you don't understand,
But it's time that I try my hand
To rip the disease from this land.

My time has come.

The sky is grey the colors drain.
The world I'm leaving behind.
All is gone,
All is lost.

"You haven't met yourself yet, but the advantage of meeting others in the meantime is that one may present you to yourself."
(Quote from Waking Life)

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