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Moment of Infinity

This song is by Transcend and appears on the album The Mind (2011).

Innocence blowing through me as people pass me by
The world's at my fingertips, there's promise in my eyes
I catch sight of all these new things as the days fly
No moment can compare to this one as the minutes die

Save me...
I cannot put my feet back on the ground
Hear me...
From a distance listen to my sound

Freedom and consciousness bound
Captured by sight and by sound
Constantly moving around

Until the time that I have lost the ways of my youth
Headed from the truth
Not so real
I'll always live the way that I feel

Locked in this simplicity
With too many boundaries
Chasing my thoughts running free
To wake into my own reality

Teaching the youth
Running from the truth
A truth not so real
I'll only live the way that I feel
I'll always live the way that I feel

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