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Carved In Stone

This song is by Transcend and appears on the album The Mind (2011).

Now that I've arrived in this land,
The people they greet me with welcoming arms.
Footprints are left in the sand,
After the tide tley'll still know who I am.
I am

Within these walls I learn who I am,
Calm through my body the mind I command.

Strengthen my soul day by day,
The key to enlightenment not far away.
Away (so far away).

Divine -
The wisdom that you wish you know,
Your arrogance won't let you go.
Your consciousness needs time to grow,
The lies you say won't make it so.

Goodbye -
No matter what you preach to me,
Nothing will change my destiny
A greater mind for all to see,
I cast away all my misery.

Don't try -
To make your way all alone,
You'll find it harder on your own.
Your name has not been carved in stone,
Look further and step off your throne.

The mind -
This journey has come to an end for me,
My dreams have become reality.
I've captured all that ran from me,
Entity's reached divinity.

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